Village of the Year and EcoVillage announce the beginning of their cooperation

The National Environmental Bureau and the organising committee of the Village of the Year annual prize in the field of low-rise and out-of-town residential property construction announce the beginning of their cooperation. The special EcoVillage certificate is to be presented already in April within the framework of the forthcoming Village of the Year ceremony.

The EcoVillage certificate is traditionally presented to eco-friendly out-of-town residential properties to confirm their successful audits for compliance with the multi-level green standard of the National Bureau of Environmental Standards and Ratings. The EcoVillage 2.1 standard, upgraded in 2011, takes into consideration four basic factors of the environmental assessment of an out-of-town residential property, including human health and environmental effects, comprehensive area assessment and the developer’s environmental responsibility.

Mikhail Podrabinek, head of the Village of the Year Prize:

‘The presentation of a special environmental prize at the ceremony seems to us an absolutely timely and logical step. Environmental safety today is a key component of construction project costs and a solid marketing advantage. We are happy to have reached a cooperation agreement with the EcoVillage project, the better-known authority in Green residential property construction. I am convinced that most of the participants and Village of the Year prize winners are aware of their responsibility to consumers and will consider undergoing an independent environmental audit.’

Sergei Krivozertsev, National Environmental Bureau Board Chair:

ase of successful audit the developer who decides to undergo environmental certification will get not only an EcoVillage certificate and a detailed findings report, but also a serious advantage in public communications and advertising campaigns. I hope that cooperation with the Village of the Year prize will mark a new stage in the development of green certification of out-of-town residential properties in Russia.’

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